How to get the most of my series



  • I invite you to come to your sessions with curiosity, an openness to learn from and be surprised by your own body, and compassion for yourself as you embark on this adventure of healing.


  • Throughout the course of a structural integration series, many different sensations or emotions may arise. It may be worthwhile to keep a journal of these things as they come up as a way to track changes throughout the process. 


  • You may feel a heightened sensitivity or vulnerability in the hours and days following your session and experience a sense of greater receptivity to the world. This is normal; you can honor yourself and this process by not filling your day with too many activities or doing anything stressful directly before or after your session. As you integrate the work, you will establish a new sense of balance and equilibrium.


  • Going for a walk directly after your session—preferably before you jump back into your car and have to sit in traffic—may help the work settle and integrate.


  • Other activities that may be helpful are gentle exercise, yoga, stretching, or solo dancing. Let your attention rest on the spaciousness of the in-between, rather than the end position or pose. Attune yourself to the subtlety of the sensations throughout the movement and allow yourself to make micro-adjustments, letting comfort and ease be your guide. 


  • Avoid fast-paced or high intensity training on the same day of your session. 


  • While working through a course of structural integration, please check with me before adding in new exercises or activities. Receiving regular structural integration is already a lot of new sensory information for your system to process. Adding new exercises before you are ready can sometimes lead to re-injury or make you revert to old movement patterns.