The structural integration I provide is based on the principle of holism—the idea that every part of you and your environment contributes to your well-being. Each session is guided by the internal wisdom of your body and is tailored to your needs. Because the human form and psyche are infinite in their variation, no two sessions ever look the same. I employ something called global listening and a series of highly specialized assessment techniques to reveal the primary intrinsic need of your body at any given moment. This approach allows us to move beyond classical protocols into a series of sessions that unfold organically and establish a new baseline for resilience and agility.

Initial intake session (approximately two hours): $200

Subsequent sessions: (approximately 75-90 minutes long): $150

I offer a sliding scale for people who are in need of care but have limited funds.

I recommend starting with a series of at least four sessions once a week for four weeks; we can evaluate the need for continued care from there. 

 Once we have reached a state of dynamic function and resilience in your body that we are satisfied with, I recommend we find an appropriate interval at which to continue maintenance care. Depending on your needs and activity level, this may be a session every two or three weeks; for others it may be once every month or two.

Hours of service: 

Tuesday—Friday  9:00am — 5:30pm