By definition, structural integration is a series of sessions with a beginning, middle, and end. That said, a series is not always feasible for people. Depending on your individual needs and circumstances, there are several treatment options to choose from at Upright Integration. We can always customize a series so that it will work for you. All sessions are approximately ninety minutes long.

Hours of service: 

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 9:00am — 5:30pm


Individual session: Individual sessions are often used as an introduction to what it feels and looks like to receive SI. They can also be great as a tune-up following an extended series. Individual sessions will only be able to accommodate a single issue or complaint, but addressing that complaint may involve work in multiple regions of the body.


Global Six Series: 

The Global six Series is a wonderful entry into the world of structural integration. It is a complete treatment protocol in its own right, but it can also act as a foundation for more in-depth structural bodywork and movement exploration. The series takes a tour through the body, working to facilitate balance from head to toe. The first session aims to create stability in the feet, legs, and pelvis. Session two focuses on creating ease and balance in the pelvic girdle and ribcage. Session three connects the pelvic girdle and the shoulder girdle via the spine and ribcage. Session four helps to balance the head, neck and shoulders. The final two sessions are integration sessions to help find balance and coordination among the various regions addressed throughout the body.


Classic Twelve Series: 

The Classic Twelve Series takes a much longer tour of the body, systematically progressing through the many fascial layers of our structure, and balancing and reorganizing the connective tissue more comprehensively than a is able to achieve. Sessions 1 to 4 are focused on releasing the “sleeve” of the body, session 5 to 7 are about opening the core, and sessions 8 to 12 seek integration between the sleeve and the core. The Twelve Series is wonderful for someone who is ready to make a commitment to him or herself, and is interested in decreasing their pain, improving their posture, and finding greater possibilities for higher function within the body.