About Structural Integration

Structural integration (SI) is a form of bodywork based on the principle of holism, the idea that each and every part of a person—from the muscles, bones, and organs all the way to the cells—contributes to one’s wellbeing, and the ability to live better in one’s body. Structural integration uses fascial release techniques to stretch, differentiate, and open adhered, knotted tissues—releasing excess tension and restoring proper tone and function to the myofascia (muscles and fascia). SI also uses subtle queuing and movement education to help facilitate better body awareness and movement possibilities. It is “system” oriented rather than “symptom” oriented. It seeks to resolve symptoms by addressing the underlying dysfunction in the global structure of the body instead of simply working on the part that hurts. Therapy that addresses the root cause of pain can have much more profound and lasting results than therapy that focuses solely on relieving symptoms.