“Within a relatively short time frame, Willoughby was able to resolve the longstanding pain issues I have in my hip and low back. This pain, which was affecting my daily activities, was not responding to traditional massage or chiropractic treatment.

Willoughby provided both short-term relief and progress toward long-term recovery. I very rarely felt any soreness after the sessions, as I’d been accustomed to feel with deep tissue massage.

I am so grateful for the results of this work and the way my body feels these days. I highly recommend Willoughby’s services.” —SB

“For over twenty years I have been employed in physical jobs that have required standing for hours and lifting in tight spaces. This activity has caused sore hips, which has affected my knees and feet. I have struggled with my posture and found myself putting strain on my neck, shoulders, and rib cage as a result. While I have found some relief in chiropractic care, stretching, and over-the-counter medicine, it is often temporary.

Willoughby’s skill at finding and addressing the root causes of pain, tightness, and imbalance is unmatched. He’s shown me how connected the different parts of my body are to one another. I always trust him to be in tune with my body and I am grateful for his phenomenal help. My work is strenuous but now I feel I can continue for as long as I wish.” — TR

“Prior to beginning my Structural Integration series with Willoughby, I was unable to stand for more than a few minutes without experiencing severe lower back pain.  I chalked this up to 10+ years of wearing orthotics for what I assumed were unfixable feet, a lifetime of locking my knees, constant work at a computer, and the normal effects of carrying two children. In other words, I assumed I was just getting old and dealing with the pain was part of the territory.  After just a couple of sessions, I realized how wrong I was! I no longer  need to wear my orthotics and my feet have never felt better. I can stand for extended periods of time— and without locking my knees! I can’t recall the last time my body felt this strong and balanced —Willoughby is an absolute wizard! ” —CB

“I have experienced chronic upper back and neck pain since I can remember, which I attribute in large part to poor posture and a sedentary desk job. Since my work with Willoughby, never have I stood so tall or experienced such relief in my chronic pain. Prior massage and chiropractic strategies provided short-term relief, but the structural integration I’ve done with Willoughby has resulted in long-term, lasting change.  I now have good posture (never thought I would say that) and significantly reduced pain. I am more aware of imbalances in my body and how to self-correct them. Willoughby has a real gift in his ability to pinpoint the cause of discomfort and provide relief.

In addition to reducing chronic pain and tension, Willoughby treated me while I was pregnant with my second child, helping me to adjust to the pain and discomfort associated with the ongoing changes in my body. I’ve recommended Willoughby to countless friends, family members, and colleagues.” — JP

“After recently completing a Structural Integration series with Willoughby, I finally know what it’s like to truly take a deep breath.  With Willoughby, you immediately feel at ease and comfortable, as his style is incredibly intuitive, thoughtful and respectful.  After finishing this series, my body feels stronger, my breath feels more expansive, I have fewer headaches and greater ease in movement.  The outcome that feels most meaningful (and least expected in starting the series) is that I have a deeper understanding of, and respect for, my body and all that it does for me.” — AC

“Prior to seeing Willoughby I was a little nervous, this was the first time I had seen a Structural integrator. Willoughby was recommended to me by a coworker and after my first session, I haven’t once looked back.  From the beginning he has made me feel comfortable.

I have felt improvements in the function of my body and I continue to feel better as we progress. Throughout my sessions, Willoughby has been in tune with my body and has taught me how to be more aware of my body’s movements and how to remain healthy and feel good while at work and at play.  My job is physically demanding, and I enjoy it so much and want to continue for years to come. Now I can work safely all while being aware of how to keep my body healthy.” — BK