About Willoughby

I’m a licenced Massage Therapist and Board Certified Structural Integrator. 

I use integrative bodywork as an invitation for the body to be coaxed toward a more optimal state of existence. As an intuitive and analytical practitioner, I’m interested in the forces that dictate how we arrange our bodies in gravity—the forces that affect our posture and the motion of our limbs as we walk, run, dance, gesture, and sit. I see my clients as whole beings rather than as a collection of symptoms or dysfunctions. I approach care as a collaboration with the client, and I firmly believe in the body’s innate wisdom. I love working with people who are interested in cultivating a deeper internal awareness of themselves and sharing in the mutual curiosity that arises during this sort of practice. My goal is to empower people to achieve wellness on their own through increased embodied self-awareness and movement understanding.

The manual therapy I practice is primarily structural integration. It is informed by osteopathic modalities such as nerve and artery mobilization, myofascial release, visceral manipulation, and cranial sacral therapy, and it touches on both the anatomical and physio-emotional dimensions. For most of my career I’ve practiced in a clinical setting, working with people who have chronic pain due to postural dysfunction, autoimmune disorders such as lyme disease, fibromyalgia, repetitive motion injuries, car accidents, and post-surgery recovery. Many of my clients also have a history of physical and/or emotional trauma. I am skilled at creating a safe and compassionate space for healing from those experiences. I do this by listening intently to your verbal and nonverbal communication, clarifying whether you are feeling safe and comfortable before asking you to do something or proceeding with my hands-on care. 

I am a committed dancer and mover, and I have taught contact improvisation in my local dance community as well as abroad, at the Embodiment Festival. My practice continues to be informed by my understanding of biomechanics, love of natural movement, and embodied spiritual practices.

I invite anyone who is considering working with me to read through what previous clients have said about their experience on my testimonial page.